idk what i am doing, September 13, 2023

I am running from one stress to another. It is a good thing or a bad thing. I still do not know. I will see soon.

Blender Part 2

Short Cuts for Blender 2, August 10, 2022

I did this in April but I was so busy to cut it and also I was not satisfied - well here it is: Blender Tutorial Part 2

Blender Part 1

Short Cuts for Blender 1, April 7, 2022

Finally I did a tutorial how to begin with Blender when you are opening it for the first time! Check it out: Blender Tutorial Part 1

Why am I not using this website more often?

Short Cut 1, April 7, 2022

Man these months were a rollercoaster - finished my studies - started a new job and so on. crazyy! I wish I would be here!

heart for everyone

is there hope, July 28, 2021

If you see the news and you are in your mid twenties: here is a heart for you. We are feeling lost.


leave it or love it, May 5, 2021

Technology is awesome. It's so fascinating and I use it every day. Nevertheless, how many don't want to admit that our data is important. We use platforms that are free, but actually we pay with our data. Although there are alternatives, they are barely used.


think again, May 5, 2021

I think a lot and have far too much empathy. I do not know how to deal with what is happening in this world. It is sad and hopeless. Or is this just a sign of my generation?

Thanks for the memory

memory, April 13, 2021

In the summer nights he sat on his chair in the garden and listened to traditional Albanian music from his radio. My mother doesn't like this music, but I always found it funny how he listens to it. I think I liked it also because I saw that my grandpa was just relaxing. Now the radio is no longer used. It's at my brother's apartment and when I saw it a few weeks ago I had a nostalgic feeling. The memories live on.

Learning Blender

Open Source Blender, Jan 16, 2021

When I was studying we learned 3Ds Max for modelling 3D objects. It was a really good software but you need to be a student to use it for 3 years for free. After the 3 years I wanted to use Blender since it was open source and everyone was talking about it. With a Tutorial on udemy I started learning the basics. I was really impressed how good it actually was. The beginning was hard but after some videos I got used to it and could create a basic chess board.

I did my website

How did I do it? Jan 16, 2021

Finally I did my own website. I mean I did some for other people why should I not do it for myself? At first I wanted to do a really fancy website but after years in web development and an insight into IT security, I saw problems in the security of websites. Also the big overload of plugins and other stuff, is really annoying. So that is why I wanted to go back to the roots and the advantage is that the site is super fast because it does not need to load many scripts.

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